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We have all seen pleas on late night television for Third World sponsorship programs. Some of us respond, some of us turn the channel and some of us block the images from our mind.

The question is, do we care? Do we really want to make a difference? Do we realize that if we change the world of a child we change the world – for the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Like other sponsorship programs, Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. (AFAA) has seen the tremendous needs and has created a program, in our case, for hungry African children. The AFAA program is a little different.

Our size gives us more control over what we do and who receives help. The small AFAA programs may seem like a drop in the bucket when compared to a large organization but they are certainly important to the child holding the bucket.

Becoming a monthly sponsor of an "African Angel" will guarantee that the child, or the people they live with, will receive 100% of your sponsorship. The funds will be used to feed, clothe and educate the child you sponsor.

AFAA does not take any sponsorship money for expenses – we absorb them. We work with people in Ethiopia, Uganda, Mali, Liberia and Nigeria whom we know and whom we trust.

Where you will see the difference in the AFAA program is that you will not receive any brochures (four-color or even black and white). At some point you should receive a photo of the child you sponsor and we may be able to establish a letter exchange program with Ugandan orphans who read and write English.


Sponsorship is $35 a month for one child, or $100 a year for education, for one child. You can send one total check, one check a month, one check to cover three, six, or twelve months, or as many post-dated checks as you like and we will deposit them at the first of the month, or you can donate through PayPal.

You will not receive a coupon book or a monthly reminder. We anticipate that if you, your family, church or youth group, etc., sets up a sponsorship you are committed and will follow through. You are helping to save a child's life and the responsibility of follow through is in your hands, and in your hearts. You may select a child from Ethiopia, Uganda, Liberia, Mali or Nigeria.

"Africa's Angels" and Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. are waiting to hear from you! Please help!

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