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December 1st the first AFAA children came in – Alan and I wish we had been there to see the look on the children's faces - twin girls, about six and two, unrelated boys about seven & eight. The children came from one of the poorest orphanages I've seen in the 11 African countries I've traveled to in the past 15 years. In December 2001, seven more children were arriving at the house and a year old baby boy Angel is on his way in. I anticipate children will mostly be toddlers and up.

We are excited that the Government of Liberia will allow AFAA to place their orphan children with families across the entire free world.

As we stop and say a prayer for our young soldiers supporting us in Afghanistan, our government and other governments who are working hard to protect us from terrorists, as we field phone calls from people who tell us they want to "rescue" an Afghan child (not possible), my special prayer is that we remember to respect all religions while reminding ourselves how fortunate we are to live in a free country, to eat three times a day and to know that the water we drink will not make us sick.


This is also a celebratory year for our Uganda program. I was so surprised to receive a congratulatory card from Joseph and our eight Ugandan children (now teenagers) reminding me that it has been 10 years since I became their "mother" – 10 years has gone by so fast.

When the children wrote "We are your happy kids", I cried. We have appreciated the help we've received with sponsorship for some of our Ugandan children who are growing so quickly – additional help is needed. We have been fortunate to keep all the children in private school. Our next test will be to find them scholarships in North America when they each become ready for college.


Our AFAA/Ethiopian program continues along smoothly with several Ethiopian Angels joining their new families in 2001. We begin the New Year with four escorts and I flying to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia next month to bring 11 children to their new families. Our Ethiopian AFAA House continues to be overseen by Almaz who runs the house very efficiently. Mantegbosh continues to do an excellent job handling the adoption processing for all the children and overseeing our Ethiopian program.

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Cheryl Carter-Shotts
Founder / Managing Director
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    All clips are in .avi format. We hope to have .mov formats up soon.

  • More Angel stories
    We are in the process of writing stories on more Angels and ultimately we would like to add an Angel Story every month. Watch for this development. We invite AFAA families to submit their own Angel story.

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